The initial introduction of this film and the credit was very omnimous with the choice of music and gave a suspensful feel.  Knowing the styles of Alfred Hitchcock, the first scene wasted no time to aware who directed the film. The first scene was Sam  and Marian finishing having sex. The man was shirtless and the woman was in her bra and panties kissing in bed. I found it to be ironic that they was saying how the next time they will see each other it will be respectable. Your learn that Sam is divorced and must send alimony and you could see that Marian was going to be by his side.

      The scene that stood out to me was when secretary Marian was at her job and Tom was there flirting with her. He was speaking to her and her boss about buying a house in cash for his young daughter who recently got married .  This would be a reason for Marian to be jealous because of her situation with Sam. When she went home with the cash instead of depositing it in the bank, I liked the close up shot and the money and the suitcase filled with cloths. With that shot in mind she is getting dressed and there is non diegetic sound which is suspenseful, because you know what shes plotting to do.

      I enjoyed the scenes once Marian began to be on the run with the money.  While driving she ran into her boss George Lawry, the non diegetic sound playing during her chase scenes was such a crucial  part because it was so hard and omnimous with a lot of brass strings. The scene with the officer stood out to me also , because of the close up on his face and theres no eye contact because of the dark shades. I felt the shades and the hat was neccessary to not be able to see who he was , the important thing was what he was which is authority. I thought it was creative how while Marian was driving , the conversations was being played as non diegetic sound between dealership/cop , George Lawry/Tom/receptionist. They are all discussing and discovering that she stole the money, but i found it interesting that Marian’s face starts to become sinister to the convo’s as if it is diegetic sound.

     There then is a shift into the movie where things took a left turn. Marian ends up satying at the Bates motel.  We are introduced to Norman Bates who seems nervous around this woman yet comfortable at the same time , asking her to have dinner with him.  The house in which the “mother” is located is pitch black with a bright luminous light from the window.  The dinner scene is very important because we learn who Norman is as a person . He has a fascination with birds, he tells Marian she eats like a bird, theres birds on the wall, he says he likes to stuff birds as a hobby also. He sheds light on the relationship with his mother also. “boys best friend is his mother”  and “son is a poor substitue for a  lover”.  There is a close up shot of him speaking of hismother, with the birds surrounding in deep focus.

       Other stand out scenes was the killing of Marian which wasnt graphic but effective.The way the camera cut up the shot of the knife and a piece of her body, which never showed contact  and also the shrill “eek eek” music. When “Norman” reached the scene in shock he knocked over the picutre of a bird. Thekilling of the Investegator  was strange but effective. When he was stabbed  the way he fell down the steps in the floating manner was so unrealistic but effective. The movie overall was very interesting with how things played out with the story line.  It was a very interrestingconcept of Norman playing his deceased mother when carrying out murders. It was creative in the ending how we see Norman but his mother is the narrative in his head. The camera then does a trick showing her corpse faded into his face.

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2 thoughts on “PSYCHO

  1. I really like how you interpreted very important scenes in the movie. Like you said, I also really liked how Hitchcock started out the movie with a scene after the couple finished having intercourse, becuase it was unconventional for the time. I found it really disturbing when Norman says “a son is a poor substitute for a lover”. In my mind, son and lover shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence. He probably didn’t mean to say it in a nasty way, but that line right there raised a red flag to me while I was watching the movie.

  2. It is really interesting how in a lot of the blogs I’ve read from fellow colleagues, everyone wrote about the murder shower scene with Marion Crane. It is such a classic scene! I really admire Hitchcock’s technique in this shower scene; He shows the knife and Marion’s body, and we hear her scream, but the knife never touches her body on camera. It still gives the same effect and I still found myself being just as frightened by her murder, even though it is not as bloody and gory as movies in the current mainstream cinema.

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