Written in the wind

       This 1956 Douglas Sirk film was a very vibrant film in terms of color.  The film was a melo-drama and at times had a cheesy feel to it, especially the intro with the wind blowing the calender pages (hence the title).  The movie had some artificial elements to it such as the driving  in beginning scene and some of the coloring.  The scene in the plane when Kyle was driving & talking to Lucy ,to me the plane  felt like a prop and wasnt authentic. I liked the hotel scene because the colors popped  with pinks, and purples a contrast to the screenings we normally see.

      The was a huge pattern of non diegetic sound & music throughout the film which sometimes was used as a theme or carry out a scenario more. Some examples of this is the hotel scene when Lucy  noticed the very lavish hotel room Kyle provided , there was non diegetic love music. Also the character of Mary Lee, each time she entered a scene she had very seductive theme music.  Another example is the scene when Lucy found Kyles gun , the non diegetic sound was so ominous , over the top and loud.  I have two diegetic  sound examples, the first one was the bar scene when kyle and Mitch faught the man for Mary Lee.  The Jukebox was playing music that some what accompanied the fight scene. THe second example was when Mary lee wasdancing to the fast drum music as her father walked up the steps. It thought it was done well with the reverse shot for this to tie these two scenarios together.

      There was a play on female characters which was good girl vs bad girl between Lucy & Marry Lee.  The scene where they first interact  was very catty, Mary lee tells Lucy “condolences for your marriage”.  Also when Lucy was slapped by Kyle she fell to floor as a helpless victim but when he slapped Mary Lee she stood there with shock which turned to  a pleased grin.

      I noticed another pattern which was some mirror reflections. Some examples: Lucy in the hotel in the beginning with Mitch & Kyle, Lucy & Mary Lee talking in the room while Lucy does hair,  Mitch carrying a drunken Kyle,  Mirror showing druken Kyle leave after he attacked Lucy & mirror reflection of Lucy as she layed strucken on the floor.

      Overall the movie was entertaining some things was over dramatic but it’s expected in this genre.  I found it to be funny how fast Kyle and Mitch fell in love with Lucy. Each time they professed their love to her it was followed with a passionate kiss. Also when i found out Lucy had a miscarriage from the slap to the face, i felt it was over the top to make her loose the baby.

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One thought on “Written in the wind

  1. Excellent examples in regards to how the film used sound and mirrors for emphasis. I also didnt agree with the miscarriage, i think it was two much.

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