This Yasujuro Ozo film to me was a different approach and kind of pro-longed as the movie continued. I did enjoy how it showed a traditional Japanese family and basically a moment within their lives. I liked the first scene with the family when they was just eating and the camera angle was low to really capture them sitting on the floor at the low table. This is where you get also introduced to the characters. You see that its a traditional japanese home, the low tables, sliding doors,paper like walls, and no shoes in the home.

      The concept and build up of this whole film was about the family trying to get f28 year old family member Noriko a husband. As the film progressed I just felt that the stress of her getting married to some one was not exactly wrapped up the way you would think. Although at the end she married Kenkichi, you seen no type of interaction between them at all, the closest she got to that was the conversations with his mother who gave the proposal. I found it even odd that after his mother gave the proposal and Noriko excepted , she seen Kenkichi outside & said absolutely nothing about it. Once the family found out whom she was finally married they did not approve at all. Kenkichi was moving away to Akita for business and he was also a single father. I like how there was such a dark mood in the home, the family was silent, and had expressionless faces.

        I liked the interaction between Noriko and her friend Aya. You could see the bond they have when they are around people and they beginn to be sarcastic and keep saying “naaay” after each line.  I enjoyed the scene with Noriko & Aya with their friends who are married. You get to see a division amongst once child hood friends and how both groups view each other. I also enjoyed the childrens character which added humor to the film. My favorite scenes was the one with Isamu (younger child) when he had the cookie exchange with his grandfather & also when they was messing around with their hard of hearing uncle.

      I was surprised by the how rude the children was with the adults. I would have thought with such a traditional japanese family they would be very strict but  not the case with these kids. I wasnt expecting the scene when the kids was upset with the father thinking the bread was train tracks  and was kicking the bread at him. The children ended up briefly then running away.  Also the scene with Aya and Noriko’s co worker stood out to me. He was asking questions about why Noriko is single and was alluding to the fact that she may be a lesbian because she had pictures of American actress Audrey hepburn. I felt he was also being suggestive with Aya also when he asked her to sushi and she said yes to the tuna but laughed when she said no to the “nice long spring roll”.

      This film also carried a lot of non-diegetic  sound throughout the film. It was a interesting  film over all to watch but i do wish they gave more insight into the main concept which was Noriko’s marriage. To see some type of interactin between her and Mr. yabe would have been nice or to see a wedding. it would have been nice to see how live was in Akita where its cold and people have country accents. This film just happened to have a different focus.

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