Movie: DOUBLE INDEMNITY , SCENE: Phyliss & Walter get Mr Dieder to sign insurance papers inside the home (living room 13 shots discussed)

      . Medium shot opening with Lola playing a board game; the camera zooms out slowly which then shows Phyliss at the table aswell whom is smoking & playing aswell. (Blinds are behind the couch) the camera continue to zoom out of the shot, revealing Mr Dieder laying on the couch then Walter in the left corner. The camera stays still when it’s capturing all characters. During this first shot Walter is speaking entire time although he was last to be seen

    .Close up on Mr.Dieder as he lays on the couch explaining Phyliss’s spending habits as he plays with his glasses.

    .Close up on Walter explaining “accident” cheap insurance, next shot shows mr Dieder not compelling then starts to sit up right on the couch and beginns to drink.

     .Close up  to Walter getting automobile renewal papers and cuts to Lola and      Phyliss whom’s bored with the game .

      LS as Lola walks to her father asking if she can go out, every one is framed in the shot.  Phyliss brings up Nino’s name, camera cuts & CU to Mr Dieder  his reaction the the name sparks anger & starts to scold Lola if shes going to meet him. CU  reverse shot on Lola telling her father she is going to go ice skating with her famale friends. As She speaks the lighting of the lamp is reflected on her hair and back. Her face is very stern and authoritive until she seems to catch her self and gives an expression of startledness. After she gets permission to go LS of Lola as she leaves the room into the hall way showing the staircase. Shadows of the staircase prominently reflected on wall to symbolize leaving the scene.

      Phyliss now comes closer to the area of the men, the couch in which Lola was sitting on is still in the shot , as if center of the frame. Deep focus showing the funiture and objects on the table such as bottles, glass cups, ash trays and tea cups. CU on Phyliss explaining Mr.Dieder going to San francisco for a class reunion (key point in plan to get husband murdered). MS cut to Mr. Dieder gettin renewal papers hes now putting on his glasses, behind him you can see blinds (re-ocurring pattern within film). The tone is now becoming suspensful within the scene as Mr.Dieder signs the papers, LS on Phyliss perfectly framed between him and Walter. Shallow depth of field here for the men in which there is sharp focus on Phyliss to show her pleased reaction.

      CU , reverse shot on Walters face to Phyliss(as if a unspoken word between him & Phyliss). Walters face is very stoic but yet serious at the same time. Non-diegetic music now beginns to play which is very  omnimous and dark. CU reverse shot on Phyliss (blinds behind her) in which she looks slightly concerned. CU reverse shot of walter watching Mr.Dieder sign papers, Walter beginns to look anxious and suspicious.

      The scene then proceeds with a LS long take of them all leaving the room. Mr Dieder leaves the living room first with Phyliss & Walter following (blinds in the back ground showing good focus). LS shot then of Mr.Dieder going upstairs with the stair case railings again being shadowed on the wall. You can tell this are is dim lim due to the stair case shadows & lamp shadows, the lighting is very dim. Ending the scene with the MS of Phyliss & Walter watching MR.Dieder go upstairs completely until he cant be seen to discuss the plan.

       The tone of this Scene starts off as a normal family night displaying the games and evryone joined in the living room. There are a lot of objects in the living room showing a good depth of field to include the objects and the characters. As the scene progress you can see the shift of reaction between Walter & Phyliss and Mr Dieder. Mr Dieder is home & comfortable and was even laying down at one point, he signs what he thinks is renewly papers feels at ease goes to pour a drink. Walter & phyliss on the other hand have these reverse shot exchanges showing their suspenseful reactions. Shortly after Lola leaves the scene that is when the non-diegetic music plays and carries out cynically for the rest of the scene. The Framing of the scene needed the focus in order to show the blinds which occurs in multiple scenes throughout this film.



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