“M” directed by Fritz Lang, 1931

    This 1931 German black and white film was better than I anticipated. I found it to be interesting to give a inside detail look into the efforts that are used in referrence to crimes and its effect  on the community. Some scenes may have been drawn out and over emphasised , but it did get the message across.

    It was very interesting to see how the Police and the Gangsters had their ways of finding the child murderer. The police was going to extremes to find the killer because of the lack of evidence. THE town people started to become affected by this and the film shows that for 8 months, communites had to deal with raids and lack of privacy which started  to become an annuisance.  When businesses started to loose revenue due to the excessive police work thats when gangsters took things into their own hands.

     The film shows a race between the gangsters whom are criminals themselves  and the police. Within all this i would like to mention one in particular scene which was when one of the young girls was murdered . Instead of showing the gruesome scence which is more like our modern times ,it showed a balloon caught in wire and a rolling ball. I thought it was so affective in getting that scenerio across to the audience. Also when the mother was calling Elsies’s name and it just echoed.

    The Gangsters beat the police to the punch when it came to catching the murderer. there was reoccuring whistling throughtout the film for communicatio. Police whitled , gangsters whistled and the murderer whistled which got him discovered by a blind man. when the murderer was captured i would have assumed the gangsters would tear him apart or kill him but it became a ironic scene. The gangsters  started to use the law and rules in order to handle the situation which was the same reason they didn’t want to hand him to the police.  The plea that the murderer gave was a powerful scene and also how he showed the true colors of the gangsters. Once the police go to the scene and took the murder away you are left wondering what was the end result.

    I loved the ending because it tied with the beginning . In the beginning the mother said its good to hear the children sing because you know they are safe. In the end the same mother said  that we must keep better watch of our children. I thought the same thing because the murderer had easy access to these girls because they wandered the streets alone, or mothers would not notice their daughters arn’t with them.



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